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V-TServices is a professional services firm combining deep technical/industry skills, processes and methodologies, as well as high quality technology assets.

Our common goal is to strengthen our core asset: 1000+ professionals, providing our client with the highest service quality. “Commitment to Excellence” and “Lifelong Learning” are the driving concepts that inspires our actions and plans, hence competencies and talent growth are part of our mission.

Under this perspective, we have built a structured professional career framework that identifies technical professions, relevant to the scope of the Company, and provides individual end-to-end career development paths, supported by Professional Leaders, identified on the base of their Seniority and their recognized value in the Profession.

We invest significantly both in technical and in management education and we foster the accomplishment of professional certifications.

Professions in V-TServices

Professions in V-TServices

  • IT Architects define IT solutions to client business challenges via architectures, systems, applications and process components.
  • Service Mgmt–DPE ensures client satisfaction through formulation, development, implementation and delivery of application, technical and business solutions, responding to client requirements.
  • IT Specialists support solution construction working in a team with IT Architects.
  • Project Managers initiate, plan, execute, control, and close projects or programs.
  • Technical Services involved in the management of live systems performing systems-level configuration to define, maintain, and install network applications or systems and workstation services.
  • Services Solutions Management is responsible for the development of outsourcing solutions directly to customers.

The vast majority of financial transactions goes now through digital channels and this places significant demands on system resiliency and performance. Moreover, the need to minimize systems and applications downtime to address operational risk reduction requires specific programs and initiatives.
A stringent change management process and a structured incident management process are in place. Security and compliance are constantly addressed and improved. Best in class technologies from major IT vendors are deployed to pursue the continuous improvement of the infrastructure.
In parallel, a Transformation Program has been introduced to realize an IT architecture ready to support every evolving business requirement coming from our clients.
The "Delivery Model" is consistent with the IBM proved methodologies.


A Transformation Program is in place to define and ensure the evolution of every layer of the infrastructure.

The Program includes:

  • the development of a Hybrid Cloud model to increase flexibility and optimize all the components by the introduction of latest technologies;
  • process automation and standardization to optimize costs and productivity while increasing the overall “quality of service”
  • the upgrade of mainframe systems


A governance model, which operates on multiple layers between the clients and V-TServices, has been established to effectively manage all the aspects of service delivery and contract management.

We believe in continuous innovation and we will continue to transform and to provide new products, services and capabilities to our clients, that are fit for the future, and that will deliver competitive advantages.

The high level of industry knowledge combined with the strong partnership with IBM allow V-TServices to offer to its clients all the benefits of innovative technologies, such as Blockchain, and the opportunities coming from the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in many processes.

In parallel we make available to our customers an infrastructure that ensures the highest levels of security, one of our primary objectives.