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Value Transformation Services was founded in 2013 as a joint venture between IBM and UniCredit Services with the aim of managing, transforming and optimizing the technological infrastructure of UniCredit, one of the largest European banks. Today V-TServices continues to offer to UniCredit and to the market - all across Europe - cutting edge IT services for infrastructure management, hybrid cloud adoption, business resiliency, security, network, digital workplace and technology support - all to enable the digital transformation of today’s companies, adding its native extremely valuable “plus”: the deepest and strongest competence in Banking and Finance, one of the industries that make the world go round.


and here is how we do it


Quality of Service is the primary strength that distinguishes us in the IT outsourcing landscape. We don’t need to spend too many adjectives: numbers, data and customer satisfaction speak out for it. As a matter of fact we know how to flawlessly manage the greatest complexity, the highest criticality and the most crucial transformations.


Demanding customers such as international banks and financial institutions, put flexibility and scalability of their IT systems on top of their value system. We can meet these needs not only rapidly and effectively, but in the most proactive way, and across the broadest range of technologies and platforms, whether they are legacy or emerging.


At V-TServices, the improvement of resiliency and security of customers’ overall systems is one of the main goals. A Business Continuity Management System has been set up, that implements plans, controls and structures, integrated with a robust network connectivity and cybersecurity, to be resilient to unwanted events and recover more swiftly when things go wrong. All these features contribute to establish the foundations for the stability and growth of our customers.

The Value Transformation Services menu

A series of core cross services set the ideal environment into which each technology Service Line roots
and works seamlessly and at its best.

Service Management

The Service Management team fulfils the maybe most important commitment to the customer: to improve and guarantee the quality of the IT services provided, ensuring they are delivered in accordance with agreed business requirements and managing the service life cycle, whilst containing or reducing costs. They are constantly focused on the availability of the services provided monitoring the environment 24x7 and coordinating major incident resolution, fostering the evolution of our delivery model to adopt the Site Reliability Engineering approach, as well as keeping under control the key processes of Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management, the key services that make it possible that all contractual Service Level are met.



V-TServices Enterprise Architecture team is responsible for overall technical leadership within the Company. Enterprise Architects work with the clients to jointly develop and drive architecture governance processes and standards definition to set the technology strategy and vision for the future. They actually design the customers’ modernization and digitalization paths, constantly pursuing innovation, scouting new leading edge technologies and new models to increase the architecture resiliency and augment the speed for changes, adapting to business needs. They provide technical assistance for the architecture, design, and implementation of all transformation projects. They drive development and maintenance of technology roadmaps, standards information base and references libraries, adopting highly reusable architecture and solution building blocks. They lead and drive all technical vitality initiatives for V-TServices technical professionals.

Hybrid Cloud

The Cloud-ready operating model designed by the Hybrid Cloud team, evolves and adapts itself according to the customers’ cloud adoption strategy. Its core is represented by the Multi-Cloud Management Platform that integrates and orchestrates On-Premise Cloud, Off-Premise Cloud and Traditional IT environments, providing a broad and enriched set of Cloud Technology Stacks, thus realizing an enhanced Hybrid Cloud service catalogue and enabling an easy path for the customers to move the workload on the cloud environments.
The Cloud-ready blueprint enables the organic growth of the Cloud ecosystem and supports the multi-cloud provider strategy built on a broad set of proven processes and solid capabilities.



At V-TServices, a Project Management Office is established to support the Project Managers processes definition and it is responsible for maintaining under track the process execution through the tracking, reporting and managing the milestones during all life of the Transformation Program.
It has a vital role, since it is the source for guidance, documentation and metrics related to the all the practices involved in managing and implementing critical projects.

IT Service Continuity

V-TServices implements and delivers ITSCM (Disaster Recovery) service to customers, protecting the business and ensuring the ICT service continuity levels required by the customer in case of a Crisis due to IT Infrastructure unavailability, Network unavailability and Cyber Attack scenarios.
Following the most recent regulatory requirements, V-TServices has been working in very close cooperation with the customers to develop enhanced Disaster Recovery solutions.
V-TServices and the Client built a solid and flexible solution of Disaster Recovery, addressing first the infrastructure in support of the Systemic and / or Critical processes for both commercial and investment banking. The Disaster Recovery Service provides implementation, maintenance and updates of DR plans in line with customer business evolution and operational requirements, including plan activation in case of real disasters and regular testing to prove their effectiveness.


The Value Transformation Services menu

8 different integrated Service Lines lead and support customers in their innovation and transformation path, with the highest expertise and cutting edge technologies




At V-TServices, we keep investing on Mainframe and -even more important -we value and retain the people who know all the secrets about it, while attracting and training the next experts. This Service Line provides cross countries end to end services leveraging on a spread and international organization.

  • Maintainance and support of existing Z based solutions
  • Design, implementationand administration of new solutions
  • Technical and organizational support
  • Incident and change management
  • Accounting and KPI measurement
  • Performance management
  • Capacity management
  • Security administration
  • Project
  • Consultancy
  • D/R Tests


Open Systems

At V-TServices we keep the pace with the market, and our architecture of open systems infrastructure is always ready to capture and adopt the newest developments in the IT industry landscape, whether Linux, or RedHat, or VMWare, or Windows, or whatever technology can match our clients’ needs. With Security and Compliance playing the main role in this quest.

  • Architecture Definition
  • System & Hardware Management
  • Technology Management
  • Capacity, performance and tuning Management
  • Open System Operating System Management
  • HyperVisor platform Management
  • Service coordination Management
  • Key process Management (CiBD, Patching)
  • Build & Decom Management




The Service Line Middleware and Container provides Middleware components for complex multi-platform and multi-tier architectures as well as Middleware services for the customers end-user. It supports them with integration, deployment and staging services, applying DevOps practices and relying upon a deep understanding of their business demands and corresponding system and application architectures.
Customers are led and accompanied throughout the whole lifecycle of their services, with unmatched competence that stretches from Application Servers to API Management, from Content Management to Portal solutions, from Business Workflow Automation to Integration solutions, including Container services and multicloud.

  • WebSphere
  • ECM & Portals
  • Heterogeneous Servers
  • Application Integration Solutions



Networks are the nervous system of any modern organization; at V-TServices we take a superb care of them, so that they are always safe and sound. In fact, we provide a robust, scalable, highly-available, security-rich, enterprise-grade managed network solution, flexible enough to scale from very small locations to big DataCenters.

We provide complex and stable communication services and solutions such as Large enterprise Contact Center, multi vendor integrated IP telephony, carrier class voice recording and giant immersive video conferencing solutions.

If their stability is important for any industry, for banks and financial institutions it is vital, any single minute. Each of the following areas have the same level of criticality and deserve the same level of attention, because they can work separately only if the entire system works seamlessly:

  • Domestic Network
  • Network DataCenter
  • Network Security
  • Communication Services



V-TServices offers the service of a Security business line that counts more than 30 experts, able to protect and manage any infrastructure in the most effective way.
Security and Vulnerability have no secrets for a team that is excellent by definition.
Structured and strict Management Systems ensure a strong synchronization with the clients’ internal teams and a strong governance of all security operations and projects, up until the capability of providing audit support.

  • Security Incident Management
  • Vulnerability Managemnt
  • Identity and Access Management
  • RFS Solutioning and Delivery Support
  • Security Transformation Governance
  • Incident, Problem, Change Escalation


Open Storage

Data is the fuel that businesses run on. As digitalization grows, massive amount of structured and unstructured data are created, read, archived, updated daily on multiple different devices, and require adequate performance, protection, replication and securitization.
This trend will not slow down, and a continuous architectural and technical improvement is vital to supply the best services.

At V-TServices a specific Service Line takes care of the Open Storage services for our customers; its goal is to design, build, administer and manage Storage equipment, devices, switches and appliances in order to provide access, protection, security, replication, backup and archive to the stored data, regardless of the different technologies, protocols, transport layers or infrastructure locations.
Open Storage follows the best practices, newest administration approaches and technological evolution to supply the highest quality, following the Client First, Agile and OpenTeam approach.

  • Planning, Implementation and Administration of SAN multi-vendor Enterprise storage arrays for block data access
  • Planning, Implementation and Administration of Virtual SAN, SAN switch fabric and Disaster Recovery infrastructures
  • Planning, Implementation and Administration of NAS multi-vendor appliances which supply file-level data service
  • Planning, Implementation and Administration of BAN multi-vendor software infrastructures used for the Data Protection services
  • Planning, Implementation and Administration of CAS multi-vendor software infrastructures used for the Archiving services


Database, Messaging and eCollaboration


The Database, Messaging and eCollaboration business line provides database services for complex multi-tier architectures, Datawarehouse services as well as Messaging and eCollaboration services for the customer’s end-user, supporting them with integration, deployment and staging services, database tuning and application monitoring. The excellence we guarantee for this support goes along with and a deep understanding of their business and corresponding system and application architectures, no matter if on-prem or in Cloud.

  • Oracle Exadata and database management
  • MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Postgre database management
  • MS SharePoint on-prem and O365 management
  • MS IIS and .Net application integration, web- and app-server operation
  • MS Exchange on-prem and O365 management
  • DWH (IBM Datastage, Teradata, MS Parallel DWH) management



IBM i service line provides an excellent and stable IBM Power Server infrastructure to support banking services and projects implementation. Main responsibilities are installation and customization of IBM i related Hardware and Software, optimization and tuning of all components, storage management, SAN management, Backup Infrastructure and management and of course monitoring of all involved components. We keep a strong relation with the application development departments supporting them with design, integration, performance tuning and having a deep understanding of their business demands.The goal is to satisfy clients with smart solutions and high quality: Real, Simple, Efficient.

  • Architecture Definition
  • System Management
  • Technology Management
  • Storage and Tape Management
  • SAN Management
  • Capacity, performance and tuning Management
  • Customer Application support