What awaits you

What awaits you

Are you looking for the reasons why working at V-TServices is a good idea? There you go:



At V-TServices we like to work in team. And “teamwork” has a very rich meaning here
Our teams are international: we work together, virtually side by side, no matter from which country. Borders mean nothing to us.
Our teams truly reflect diversity: people from all these different countries, of very different age and seniority, with different background and experiences work together daily, with shared goals and passion.

Skill Excellence

Our teams are always up to date and on top of innovation, since at V-TServices education and enablement programs never stop. People dedicate a significant part of their time to enhance and increase competence and skills, within an environment that always facilitate professional and personal growth.
As a result we do have teams of outstanding professionals, covering key areas of IT from networking to cloud to security, never neglecting mainframe skills.

Flagship of our company is the number and variety of certifications: ITIL, CISCO, VMWare as well as RedHat, just to mention the most popular ones! Our technical teams are always encouraged and supported in their path to certify because we strongly believe this can easily prove their value to clients and market.

As we are an international Company, language certifications are important as well; that’s why we have dedicated Business English programs opened to all employees.


V-TServices offers the same opportunities to everybody
An inclusive work environment is always guaranteed: we are proud to promote equality at any level, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, cultural diversity.
And V-TServices we pay attention to fair and equal compensation and to open career paths, we do like that people can flourish with us.

At V-TServices we care for others and for the environment, and we show by actively supporting non-profit organizations, and by adopting “green” policies.

At V-TServices we like to take initiatives that foster team building and sense of belonging, and employees’ needs are genuinely supported, at work and in their life.