Getting ready for a very different future

We are what you deserve

...and also what you need right now


If "unity is strength", we are one unbeatable group

Try to combine the best and most advanced IT technology available with the deepest expertise and competence in Banking and Finance, one of the industries that make the world go round.

The result is pure energy


Technology moves on, and we want to be on the cutting edge

Technology is evolving constantly and rapidly year-on-year, and to keep the pace while satisfying a 24x7 always on business, requires a change of mindset. At V-TServices we are extremely passionate about technology and we always seek for excellence. All our technological domains are kept always at the leading-edge available technology. Best in class storage data systems to ensure data protection and data availability in all conditions, leading-edge mainframe and open systems, where consumptions and performances are controlled at every second, high quality networks and software defined wide area network to ensure a 24x7 end user connectivity, premium security solutions to protect from any kind of cyber threats. All technologies are then blended and harmonized by fine-tuned processes and methodologies to keep the needed IT evolution speed. Just ask, we can show it, as simple as that …


We are one company, but many diverse people

Knowledge is power and we strongly believe in it.
That is why our approximately 1000 employees can rely upon a vast pool of skills and expertise we constantly improve and keep up to date year by year. IT Architects, IT Specialists, Project Managers, Technical Services Experts, Service Solution Managers … now really, what else could you look for?


Let's talk about numbers

Our clients always set high business goals. It's our job to work
hard to achieve them, proposing new and up to date
Tranformation Strategies.

Our run towards new technologies such as Hybrid Cloud and Artificial Intelligence allows
us to constantly improve. Our Delivery Engine and Incident
Prevention System
offer the best quality services.

The numbers speak for themselves, go check them out!

We don't want to show off but...

it is worth listening to what people say

Being part of the Mainframe Service Line gives me the opportunity to work with important and solid technologies...basically timeless, while teamwork and constant collaboration with all my colleagues always put me at ease and push me to give my best everyday

Junior z/OS System Engineer

Is Mainframe outdated? Try to add Hybrid Cloud and AI to the mix. Modernity at its finest. And this, in a Company that keeps investing on professional and personal growth of new recruits, is just astonishing

Mainframe and E2E Monitoring Specialist

Being part of this multinational Company is very exciting. You get the chance to understand and really absorb different cultures, behaviours, and ways of working. Working here also means being part of a family, you can feel a genuine sense of belonging.

COE Open Storage-BAN

V-TServices’ unique and rare quality is its multiculturality. It requires constant willingness to take on new challenges and push ourselves beyond our limits. Working in such a stimulating environment with so diverse teams is a great daily challenge that always pushes me to give my best

Head of COE Infrastructure Enablement Services

Given the continuous increasing of digitalization, Banking and IT are more and more becoming the best combination for the future to come. We care with passion for Our Clients and have a strong focus on Service and Business that not many can claim. We work on projects that few other providers can manage with such a successful rate, both at local and Global/International Level

Transition & Transformation UniCredit Integration Leader

Every day we, as a team, face different challenges and need to find new ways to solve them. It is tough, but this is why I wake up every morning excited to go to work.
Team collaboration is at its finest here.

Head of Site Reliability Engineering

I keep noticing the same thing I noticed when I first joined the Company, even far before the merger that started V-TServices: here we have a structure, a dimension, a complexity that I haven’t seen anywhere else. People here are never left alone, neither when they learn new skills nor when they are trying to solve a challenging task

Security Client Partner Executive

Besides of our great local teams, our extended teams consists of people from almost all over the world. And here comes the fun...and the challenge! But this is also what makes this job so interesting. I cannot imagine myself working in a local company anymore!

Head of COE Domestic Network Germany